• Dejate Llevar (Live)5:50
  • Gracias3:28
  • AnanaOye4:31
  • Rumba Veranera3:23
  • Adolescencia 2:38
  • La Paz4:15

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Alma Records, a Toronto-based label with 25 years of industry excellence behind it, announces the signing of Brenda Navarrete to a multi-release recording contract. Brenda joins a roster of award-winning artists at Alma and will release her debut CD in September.

Welcome to Mi Mundo

Brenda Navarrete’s resume has been a non-stop musical journey of interactions with Cuba’s music elite, while her solo project has included television and radio broadcasts of her live performances, as well as touring in Canada and the United States. She is also a frequent guest at Cuba’s most important events, including Havana World Music, La Fiesta del Tambor, Habanos, FIHAV and La Feria Internacional del Libro de la Habana.